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True to You

True to You (Bradford Sisters Romance #1)True to You by Becky Wade
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I took a couple of days to try to gather my thoughts on this book, so that I could maybe do a little more than blather and gush. But, nope. Pretty sure this review is going to pretty much be blathering and gushing.

Those who follow my reviews know that fantasy is my favorite genre. I can get behind a good romance now and again, but romance novels very rarely make it onto my favorites shelf. Especially Christian romances, as they tend to lean towards cheesiness and, though that can be fun, they don’t tend to stick with me. But in this book, the first I’ve read from Becky Wade, I found an exception.

When the story first started, it was just cute. A nerdy genealogy librarian falls for the hot former Navy SEAL who seeks out her help to find his birth mother. Nora is sweet and old-fashioned and awkward and a fangirl after my own heart. John is her opposite in every way except for the faith they share. I assumed that their love story was going to be adorable and they would find John’s mom, but that would be all there was to the story.

Man, was I wrong.

There were a couple of pretty major plot twists that took me off guard. In the last hundred or so pages especially, the book took on a depth that I just wasn’t expecting. And the spiritual component that came with that depth was phenomenal. Something I really loved about this story was the fact that, when the characters gave everything completely over to God and trusted Him with every aspect of their lives, everything didn’t just immediately get better. There wasn’t miraculous healing. God is of course completely capable of miracles, but I think the church has a bad habit of promising miracles when they might not be a part of God’s plan.

I love God with all of my heart, and I trust Him with every aspect of my life. The fact that He didn’t heal my infertility and give me a biological child doesn’t change or cheapen that faith in any way for me. I had people tell me that if I would just pray harder, God would take away my physical pain and give me a child. That’s not how faith works. It’s not a cure-all. Christians are still going to have problems and sorrow and brokenness. I have faith because I love Jesus and am astounded by what He’s already done for me. But, God has healed my physical pain; through surgery. And I believe that I’ll adopt someday. In the meantime, I have a niece to look forward to meeting in August! All of that to say, I really appreciated how Wade handled the issues her characters had, and how faith impacted their views of those issues instead of doing away with the issues themselves.

This book was just so beautiful to me. It was funny and sweet and heartbreaking and moving. It was incredibly uplifting. And I can’t wait to read more about the Bradford sisters. Here’s to hoping book two is published quickly!

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